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Are you looking for the number of one of the top cleaning agencies in Portsmouth? Then look no further than City Cleaning for top-level business and house cleaning services carried out by the best cleaners in the business. From a house to a place of work, the one universal constant is cleanliness. Our cleaning contractors ensure the highest levels of cleanliness, no matter your requirements. 

We save you time, money, and effort, leaving you free for other things, like living your life or running your business. With City Cleaning, Portsmouth customers can be assured of stellar results every time. Call 023 9299 0274 to get started! 

The Most Reliable Cleaning Agencies Portsmouth Has to Offer  

If you’re searching for one of the most reliable cleaning agencies in Portsmouth, then you’ve struck gold by discovering City Cleaning. We’re an established commercial cleaning company with 33 years of experience providing affordable, reliable cleaning services. We boast experience that other companies can’t match backed by a team of knowledgeable, professional cleaners. 

Whatever your cleaning requirements, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss your needs and tailor a package to suit them. Whether you’re a small start-up with a couple of employees or a business spanning several locations, we’re the company to call. 

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Why You Need a Cleaning Service  

You need a cleaning service for six very important reasons: 

  • Guaranteed Safe and Healthy Workplace 
  • Expertise 
  • Reliability 
  • Cost-Efficiency 
  • Various Cleaning Services 
  • Convenience 

Our cleaning services, Portsmouth customers, assure you of a clean, sanitary workplace. Allergens, dust, dirt, and germs will be taken care of, providing your employees with an optimal working environment. Letting us take care of your cleaning also makes sense as we know what to do to achieve the best results. That includes what chemicals to use and which ones to avoid. 

Our company is reliable, too, so you can count on us to be there when we say we will and carry out the agreed cleaning services to the best of our abilities. Plus, when you consider you won’t have to buy expensive cleaning products or equipment, this adds up to great value for money. 

There’s also the fact that a company like ours provides a myriad of cleaning services. Whatever cleaning service you need, Portsmouth customers, you’ll find it right here. Lastly, we provide the convenience of letting someone else clean your commercial property. This frees you and your team up to do what you do best. 

Retail Outlet Cleaning  

In retail, it’s all about image and first impressions. If you walk into a store and are greeted by dirty floors, windows covered in smudges, and shelves plastered in dust, you’re like to turn around and go somewhere else. Nothing is more off-putting than a dirty store; if a company cannot even keep their store clean, why would they care about their products or service? 

Our retail cleaning service encompasses every area of your store; we’ll keep your store looking pristine for the comfort of your employees and customers. 

Industrial Building Cleaning  

Industrial buildings require specialist cleaning, and for a layman to tackle this task is usually asking far too much. That’s because, without the right knowledge, products, or equipment, it can be a next-to-impossible task to complete. Our industrial cleaners are the best in Portsmouth. Each member of our cleaning team is trained to provide the best industrial clean for your workspace. 

All our employees carry public liability insurance, so there’s no risk on your part. As for our services, these range from cleaning machinery to warehouse areas, power or jet washing industrial flooring, and high-level cleaning. 

 Leisure Centre Cleaning  

Leisure centres are often breeding grounds for germs and other nasties. They are notoriously hard to keep clean, given how they are used and the presence of anti-slip flooring. It’s essential that any such environment be kept hygienic to avoid anything nasty being spread. Our leisure centre cleaning services are the most comprehensive in Portsmouth. 

A good reason why we have so many leisure centre clients. 


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Our Professional Cleaning Agencies Services  

At City Cleaning, we provide Portsmouth customers with a wide range of affordable cleaning services, including: 

You can find out more about these services below or by calling our Portsmouth office today. 

Office Cleaning  

Your employees deserve to come to work in a clean office space. And it makes sense from a business standpoint too. Not only does a cleaner work environment equate to higher employee morale, but it also impacts productivity. You’ll have to contend with fewer staff illnesses. 

At City Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our flexibility; just let us know when’s convenient, and we’ll come and clean your offices either before your employees arrive or after they leave.


For cleans that’ll leave you in awe, you should call City Cleaning. And if you’re still on the fence, check out our testimonials and see what others have said about our expert cleaners. 

Why Choose Us for Cleaning Agencies Portsmouth Residents?  

City Cleaning boasts a team of highly trained, skilled professional cleaners that are among the best you’ll find in Portsmouth. We’ve been providing Portsmouth customers with outstanding cleaning services stretching back to 1989. 

As a company, we’re accredited by the likes of SOCOTEC Certification International (ISO9001), CHAS, Safecontractor, the Environment Agency, Exor, and the BICSc. 

So, you know that when you’re looking for the best and most affordable cleaning service in Portsmouth, you won’t find better than the cleaners at City Cleaning. 

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Contact Us Today  

It should be obvious now, having read through the above article, that City Cleaning is the best company for domestic and commercial cleaning. Portsmouth business owners looking to enquire about our competitively priced cleaning services need only get in touch. We can clean your house, property let, place of business, etc., and promise an outstanding clean throughout. 

To hear more about our cleaning services or to enquire about hiring one of our Portsmouth cleaners, call City Cleaning today on 023 9299 0274. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form, and our team will be in touch as soon as possible. 


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“I have found that City Cleaning office is one of the best companies I have dealt with over the phone; they are happy, polite and courteous with a superb level of customer service. Cant rate highly enough.”