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Are you looking for the best Cleaning Agencies Southampton? Then look no further than City Cleaning. We are a cleaning agency devoted to providing you with the most comprehensive cleaning service you could ever imagine. We offer a large variety of different cleaning services. Our services range from commercial cleaning to heading straight to your doorstep to provide domestic cleaning services.

Our professional team of maids and cleaners will be sure to provide you with the best experience possible. If you are interested in our cleaning services in Southampton, then all you have to do is call us today on 02380 706 060.

The Best Cleaning Agencies in Southampton

Commercial & Domestic Cleaners Southampton

City Cleaning in Southampton has provided the highest quality cleaning services for over 30 years. We are experts in cleaning commercial office spaces, home cleaning, facility management, and property and housing estate cleaning.

Our competitive and cost-effective services, together with our outstanding commitment to customer service and customer care, are the keys to our success. With our team of expert maids and cleaners, we provide professional, cost-effective, and high quality commercial and domestic cleaning services tailored to our customers’ needs, no matter where they are in Southampton.

Professional Cleaning Services Southampton

As a cleaning service contracting company, we make sure to tackle any task that comes our way. That is why we pride ourselves on working with a number of different companies and associations by providing them with the most comprehensive cleaning services Southampton clients can get. We offer a large variety of different cleaning services that include:  

Cleaning Agencies in Southampton
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Facility Management Services

Here at City Cleaning Southampton, we don’t only tackle commercial cleaning services such as cleaning stores, businesses, and offices in Southampton. Instead, we can take care of and clean the entire facility, not just parts of it. Shopping centres, high-security buildings, and other commercial properties are only some of our facility management services.

Regardless of the kind of property you own, City Cleaning can handle it professionally and collaborate with you to develop a cleaning plan for regular cleaning services that will ensure your facility is left spotless at all times. As a result, you can expect your offices, bathrooms, hallways, and lobbies to all be perfectly maintained and clean with our services.

Window Cleaning Services

If you have a building with stores and offices with large wall spanning windows that need to be cleaned, it’s best to leave this job to professional cleaning agencies in Southampton, like us. City Cleaning handles jobs of all sizes, from high-rise skyscrapers to single-story workplaces. With the help of our commercial window cleaning service in Southampton, we can assure you that your windows will be shining.

You can rely on our expert cleaners to approach window cleaning as professionally and safely as possible. Moreover, our domestic cleaners can do window cleaning for residential homes as well.

Office Cleaner

A clean working environment is known to be a productive space. If you need to keep your office running at total efficiency, you should leave the tedious and time-consuming task of office cleaning to the best cleaning agencies in Southampton. City Cleaning provides an unrivalled, professional office cleaning service that stands out from the crowd. Regardless of the size of your business, you will receive the same outstanding cleaning service and customer attention that City Cleaning is known for.

Our cleaning services are bespoke and tailored to every unique office and organisation. Maintaining your workplace cleanliness protects the office environment from bacteria and sickness, keeping your employees healthy and happy. We will assist you in creating a healthier and cleaner working environment.

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Leisure Centre Cleaning  

Leisure centre cleaning has to be one of the most challenging cleaning tasks. These areas, such as the gym, have a large amount of traffic and footfall, making them a place where germs and dirt thrive. As a result, there is a high need for sanitation due to sweat remaining on the gym equipment and facilities. City Cleaning provides a comprehensive service, from sanitising equipment and changing spaces to cleaning reception areas and staff areas. 

School and College Cleaning  

For many years, City Cleaning has collaborated with local schools and colleges to ensure a safe and sanitary learning environment for students. With our team of expert cleaners, we can create a cleaning programme that meets the demands of your educational organisation. 

Industrial Building Cleaning  

If you are in charge of a large factory, you know exactly how much maintenance goes into keeping the factory working optimally. Your industrial facilities will require specialised cleaning to fulfil health and safety regulations. This is where City Cleaning and our skilled team come into the picture. We can provide the following industrial cleaning services: 

  • Cleaning Machinery 
  • Power or Jet Washing of Industrial Flooring 
  • Factory Cleaning 
  • Warehouse Cleaning 
  • And More! 


Are you still not convinced that we at City Cleaning are the best among all the cleaning agencies Southampton has to offer? Then don’t just take our word for it, and head onto our testimonials page on our website. There, you can see the positive feedback that some of our delighted customers have left us.

Why Choose Us for Cleaning Services in Southampton?

When considering a proper cleaning agency in Southampton, a few essential qualities need to be present. Those qualities are professionalism, competitive and fair prices, and a good reputation. City Cleaning is the premier team to call, thanks to our distinguishing qualities. With 30 years of experience in providing the most comprehensive cleaning services in Southampton, we are sure to be your number one choice.

For your peace of mind, City Cleaning is accredited by SOCOTEC Certification International as well as the Environment Agency, Exor, and the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc). This ensures that our cleaning services meet the most stringent of health and safety regulations.

So, with our team of the most trained and professional maids and cleaners, we ensure the highest client satisfaction. So, whether you are looking for commercial cleaning services for your business or office or our house residential cleaning services, you can depend on the experts at City Cleaning.

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Are you looking for a professional and reputable cleaning company in Southampton? Then you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in commercial office cleaning, facility management services, and property and house residential cleaning services at City Cleaning, providing unrivalled professional cleaning services in Southampton. With around 30 years of experience, highly competitive prices, and excellent dedication to client service and care, we have cemented ourselves as Southampton’s best choice for cleaning services.

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