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Are you looking for  professional cleaning services Southampton that is affordable, reliable, and will cater to all your specific needs? Then look no further than City Cleaning! City Cleaning is a commercial cleaning service company that provides a wide range of cleaning services in Southampton. This includes office cleaning, construction cleaning, and comprehensive residential cleaning. With over 30 years of experience, we are more than ready to send our team of highly qualified and experienced cleaners right to your door.

Please take advantage of our amazing services by calling us on 023 8070 6060 to contact our team and they’ll happily help you with any information you are looking for.

Professional Cleaning Services in Southampton


Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning Services 

Here at City Cleaning, we are a commercial cleaning company that offers the most professional cleaning services in Southampton. We maintain high standards and provide cleaning services that are both affordable and dependable. We are, without a doubt, the top commercial cleaning business in the area, with over 30 years of experience. We are known for our consistently high standards and inexpensive cleaning services, regardless of the size, nature, or kind of institution.

Cleaning Services Southampton
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About City Cleaning

Since 1989, City Cleaning has been providing outstanding commercial cleaning services, giving us more than 30 years of experience. We work relentlessly to provide cleaning services to a wide range of businesses and locations. We offer commercial office cleaning, facility management services, and property and housing estate cleaning, to name a few of the services available.

Our competitive prices are the main reason we are regarded as the finest cleaning business around. Not only that but we’re dedicated to giving you the best service possible, including unmatched customer service and care.

Office Cleaning

We deliver the best office cleaning service in Southampton at City Cleaning. We work as a professional cleaning service regardless of the size or kind of workplace. We can assure you that we will restore your office’s pristine cleanliness and make it shine even brighter than before.

We operate in line with your requirements, which means that each company will have a better and cleaner work environment. As for maintenance, we recommend using a regular office cleaning service to keep the office running and looking its best.

Retail Outlet Cleaning

A professional cleaning service such as City Cleaning will guarantee that your store is clean and neat at the start of each day, whether it is on the main street or in a shopping centre. With constant traffic and customers walking in and out of your store, it is sure to gather dust, dirt, and bacteria. With our professional cleaning services in Southampton, you can rest easy knowing your store will always look clean and tidy.

Industrial Building Cleaning

Whether it is a factory or a construction site, a large industrial building will need a high level of professional cleaning. We are always ready to provide market-leading cleaning solutions to handle the most difficult industrial cleaning tasks.

City Cleaning can provide a range of services for your business, from high-level cleaning on a construction site and specialist floor cleaning to high-pressure jet washing.

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Our Southampton cleaning services have been utilised by many high-profile housing clients throughout the years. From keeping communal areas, garden areas, lobbies and pathways clean to the housing complex itself; you can expect a high standard when you enlist our team today.

Other Cleaning Services, Southampton Customers Can Opt For

When it comes to offering a full range of cleaning services, City Cleaning fits the bill quite nicely. Our range of services includes but is not limited to:

Plus, we offer a full range of facility management services making us the ideal choice for cleaning services in Southampton. To find out what we can do for you, give City Cleaning a call now on 023 8070 6060.

Property and Estate Cleaning

City Cleaning comprises a highly devoted and hardworking team that aims to deliver the best of services to its customers. We stop at nothing to ensure that our property and estate clients are well taken care of. We take care of everything from expertly maintaining your housing complex’s communal areas to garden areas, lobbies, and paths.

Social Housing Complex Cleaning

Similar to our property and estate cleaning services, we offer services that are aimed at housing complexes. Our services encompass entire social housing complexes, ensuring a pleasant living environment for occupants.

Pathways are cleaned and made presentable, garden areas and lounge or leisure areas within the complex are well kept. We provide services that span every inch of your property.

School and College Cleaning

City Cleaning has partnered with local schools and institutions to promote a healthy and safe learning environment for children and teenagers. Our whole team of cleaners has been trained to meet the strictest sanitary and sanitisation standards. Cleaning all different sorts of locations such as offices, classes, corridors, and even kitchens are among the services we perform in educational institutions.

Leisure Centre Cleaning

Leisure facilities are a great challenge due to their heavy usage and the nature of their non-slip flooring. Gyms need sanitation due to work equipment getting used by many people and the presence of sweat. As a result, you must select a reputable and competent cleaning company such as City Cleaning.

Facility Management Services

In addition to our standard commercial cleaning services, City Cleaning also provides a more specialised property management solution for offices of all sizes. Rather than engaging several businesses for each block or store, we can provide our services to the entire facility with the same high degree of care.

Other Cleaning Services

Other than the ones mentioned above, we also provide other cleaning services in Southampton that include:

Washroom Services

You may rely on our washroom services if you operate a large company with a lot of washrooms. Our washroom services will ensure that your sanitation facilities and supplies are always in good working order. We will manage all of the utilities, such as soap dispensers, paper towels, and supplies, while keeping everything clean.

Window Services

Window washing in high-rise buildings might appear to be a tough and scary task, but City Cleaning is here to ensure that you don’t have to be concerned about any of the windows in your house or workplace! From high-rise skyscrapers to single-storey workplaces, no project is too big or little for us.

Other Areas We Cover

City Cleaning has offices not only in Southampton, but in other locations in Southern England too, including:

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Why Choose Our Cleaning Services Southampton Residents?

The best commercial cleaning company in Southern England is City Cleaning. We have a great deal of experience offering complete solutions to a wide range of clients in several sectors, so we are certain that we can handle your request. Our services are top-notch and highly cost-effective. You can rely on us and our cleaning services, Southampton residents, for all your cleaning needs.


City Cleaning is mostly known due to our reputation for providing high-level service that is unmatched both on price and performance. You can head to our testimonials page to find out what kind of feedback our satisfied clients have left us.

Cleaning Services in Southampton

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Do you require the services of a dependable, professional, and cost-effective cleaning company to assist you with any cleaning task? Then look no further than City Cleaning! We provide a wide range of cleaning services in Southampton, including office cleaning, construction cleaning, and comprehensive residential cleaning. With over 30 years of expertise, we are more than ready to send our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals right to your door.

To get started with hiring a team of our best cleaners, all you have to do is phone us on 023 8070 6060, and one of our team members will assist you with precisely what you need.

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