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Have you been searching for a team of proven cleaners that can visit your workplace and carry out excellent office cleaning? Bournemouth clients, search no more, as you’ve now found the experts at City Cleaning! We’re delighted to be the number one team for office and commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth

Professional Office Cleaning in Bournemouth

Here at City Cleaning, we’re delighted to offer exceptional cleaning services to office and commercial property owners in Bournemouth. Our cleaning team is confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all local clients. Read on to learn more about the excellent range of office and commercial cleaning services we offer and find out how you can benefit. 

About Our Bournemouth Office Cleaning

Our Bournemouth office cleaning services are the best available both in terms of flexibility and cost. We are delighted to offer competitive rates to Bournemouth commercial and office building owners so that everyone can afford exceptional cleaning services. 

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Flexible Office Cleaning Contracts to Suit Your Needs

We at City Cleaning realise that it is not always convenient for office cleaning to be carried out. It is for this reason that Bournemouth clients can tailor-make cleaning schedules that our team will follow. We will always put your needs first and ensure that our cleaning work does not get in the way of daily office life. 

Why Should You Hire Professional Office Cleaners?

Cleaning in offices and commercial properties in Bournemouth is an essential yet time-consuming task. As you’re probably busy handling other aspects of your business, it is probably worth delegating the cleaning work to a team such as ours. One of the main benefits of professional cleaning services is that you won’t have to handle the matter yourself or invest in expensive cleaning products and equipment. 

The Benefits of Our Office Cleaning in Bournemouth 

When you hire our cleaning team for office cleaning, Bournemouth clients, you can expect to receive a service that is very thorough. Our cleaning staff will leave no stone unturned as they aim to return your office to top condition. Thanks to the quality of our cleaning products and equipment, we’re confident in being able to deliver exceptional cleaning services every time. 

What Does Our Office Cleaning Bournemouth Include?

We at City Cleaning aim to deliver comprehensive service to clients that require office cleaning. Bournemouth office and commercial building owners will be blown away by the quality of our services, as our cleaning team go above and beyond at every opportunity. Clients can take advantage of the following cleaning services to the right

Other Services We Offer

As well as being able to tackle office and commercial cleaning projects, our cleaning team can also work in a range of other environments. Our cleaning staff have, in the past, worked in leisure centres and supermarkets. We even offer facility management services alongside our excellent cleaning work. To learn more about our services other than cleaning, get in touch with our friendly team today! 


We have worked with many office and commercial site owners over the years and have had great success. Thanks to our cleaning efforts in Bournemouth, we’ve received many positive reviews from past clients. You can read through this excellent feedback about our cleaning at length by visiting our dedicated testimonials page. The comments here will convince you that we’re the best team for office cleaning Bournemouth has. 

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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is vital for offices and commercial properties in Bournemouth. Not only will clean windows make for happier employees, but they will also make your office more presentable to visitors. Thanks to our vast array of effective window cleaning tools and products, we can have these surfaces shining in no time. You can rely on our cleaning team to clean your windows inside and out when they visit your Bournemouth site.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet in your Bournemouth office will be one of the most challenging things to clean. Carpets, by nature, trap a lot of dirt, and as such, must be cleaned thoroughly. Our team have the cleaning equipment required to clean carpets in Bournemouth office and commercial buildings correctly. You will be able to present your staff with a clean surface every time we visit your Bournemouth office for cleaning.

Kitchen Cleaning

If you have a kitchen in your Bournemouth office, then it is likely that it will have built up a significant amount of bacteria throughout the day. Regular cleaning will ensure that your office kitchen is a healthy and hygienic place for employees to prepare food and eat. Our non-hazardous cleaning chemicals won’t leave behind any trace of bacteria as we use them to clean your kitchen effectively.

Toilet Cleaning

Bournemouth office workers will know how important it is to have a clean toilet in the workplace. Clean toilets are equally important in commercial properties, as both staff and customers may need to use them. It is, therefore, essential for thorough cleaning to be carried out in toilets regularly so that they are pleasant for people to use. Our team can carry out cleaning in toilet areas to make sure they are up to standard.

Office Waste Removal

Offices accumulate a lot of waste during the average working day, and it is imperative that such waste is disposed of promptly. Failure to do so could result in a build-up of bacteria that makes your office unsafe for employees. The same is the case in commercial environments in Bournemouth. Our team will collect and dispose of your waste quickly and responsibly to ensure that your office is left in top condition.

Hygenic Desk Cleaning

In offices, employees use their desks every day, and as such, these surfaces accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria. It is important to carry out cleaning on these desks regularly to make sure that they are hygienic places for employees to be. Our team have the tools and chemicals required to carry out effective desk cleaning in offices in Bournemouth.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning should be carried out in your Bournemouth office or commercial property at least once a year and will consist of more thorough cleaning than normal. Deep cleaning will see all of your surfaces thoroughly cleansed through the use of chemicals. Our team will make sure that such a clean is effective so that you won’t have to have it carried out again for some time.

Why Choose Our Bournemouth Office Cleaning Company?

We at City Cleaning have been offering first-class cleaning services to local commercial and office building owners for many years. Our cleaning staff have all been trained to the highest level, and as such, are able to take on a range of challenging cleaning tasks in Bournemouth. Thanks to our excellent local reputation, we’ve become the go-to team for office and commercial property cleaning services in Bournemouth. We’re proud of this reputation and hope to improve it further. 

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So, would you like to take advantage of the best team for office cleaning Bournemouth has to offer, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at City Cleaning today! Our cleaning team are always willing to discuss our cleaning services, so call on 02380 706 060 or fill out our online contact form to get started. 

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