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Are you looking to hire a professional cleaning service in Southampton? If so, look no further than City Cleaning for a top-quality service that will leave your premises looking pristine. From providing a clean and hygienic working environment for employees to leaving shops looking dazzling for customers; our service is highly adaptable. It also happens to be the most affordable bespoke cleaning option around. To find out more, call us today on 02380 706 060.

A Professional Cleaning Service Southampton Business Owners Can Count On

You see how quickly your home can get dusty and dirty if you don’t have some sort of cleaning routine in place. For an office, retail, or any other commercial or leisure environment, take the problem and increase it by a magnitude of ten. Unless you hire a professional cleaning service in Southampton, environments that are unclean and unhygienic will soon spawn a whole slew of problems.

For one, you’ll likely see a noticeable increase in staff illnesses and a drop in morale and productivity. In a retail environment, customers may be put off by what they see, and even smell. In leisure environments, such as swimming pools, infections like athlete’s foot will become more prevalent. All these issues and more can be easily kept in check by enlisting our Southampton cleaning service.

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Introducing Our Professional Cleaning Service in Southampton

At City Cleaning, we provide a wide range of cleaning solutions with options tailored to fit all requirements and budgets. Our core services include but are not limited to:


Your employees expect to come to work each day to an office that’s clean and presentable. If a regular office cleaning schedule is not observed, bacteria and germs and quickly spread, leading to more staff being off sick. Nothing makes an employee feel valued like having a clean and hygienic environment in which to work. A good reason to enlist our professional cleaning service, Southampton clients.

Property and Estates

Whether you’re enticing new tenants or trying to retain existing ones, nobody is going to be happy paying rent when the communal areas are in such a dire state. We’re happy to work with housing clients within the private sector, and currently count quite a few as recurring customers. Hire our team today, and we’ll keep the communal areas of your rentals in tip-top condition.

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Retail Outlets

Busy shopping areas attract dirt, bacteria, and germs, regardless of whether they are situated on the high street or inside a shopping centre. Such unclean environments are visibly noticeable and will quickly deter customers from entering your store. Create the right first impression and make sure your customers are kept happy by enlisting our professional cleaning service in Southampton.

Schools and Colleges

You wouldn’t want to send your kids to a school that was filthy throughout. A school can actually receive a significant mark-down during an inspection if a certain level of cleanliness is not maintained. At City Cleaning, we provide a bespoke service that will set a schedule for cleaning to be carried out in and around any school, of any size.

Sports and Leisure Centres

Sports and leisure centres are one of the toughest environments in which to maintain cleanliness. By their very nature, they are open to constant contamination on a daily basis, from people walking around barefoot to sweat and other bodily fluids. Yet, without our Southampton cleaning service, these places can quickly become unsafe to use, so it’s imperative that you talk to us about establishing a rigorous cleaning schedule now.

Want to find out more about anything that’s been mentioned above? Perhaps the service you require hasn’t been listed. For more information about our professional cleaning service in Southampton, call City Cleaning today on 02380 706 060.

We can keep retail outlets of any size clean and tidy.

Why Choose Our Southampton Cleaning Service?

Since 1989, City Cleaning has been providing an impeccable standard to customers throughout Southampton and the surrounding areas. Due to the high demand for our professional cleaning service in Southampton, we’ve since expanded our operations opening offices in Portsmouth, Basingstoke, and Staines.

Customers flock to use the services provided by City Cleaning because they recognise that we don’t simply take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Perhaps you require services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly basis. Maybe you’d like us to carry out the service during quieter hours, like first thing in the morning or in the evening. Whatever your requirements might be, know that we’ll always aim to fulfil them.

Many customers would happily recommend us without hesitation, as we’re regarded as offering the finest professional cleaning service Southampton has seen.

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