Property and Estate Cleaning

City Cleaning have worked with a number of high profile housing clients in the private housing sector.

We cover everything from professionally maintaining your complex’s interior communal areas right through to garden areas, lobbies and pathways to your housing complex.

Often with specialist tiled lobbies and plush furnished reception areas, private housing complexes require more intimate care and attention than their social housing counterparts.

City Cleaning has the professional expertise that will ensure that your complex is kept in pristine condition.

property and estate cleaning services

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    Alongside our public sector housing contracts, City Cleaning also manages a number of private housing complexes throughout Southern England.

    Working alongside our trusted landscaping team, City Cleaning can effortlessly and professionally manage both your building interior and maintain the gardens and external communal areas.

    The services that we provide include:

    Mopping and rotary buffing of polished floors

    Cleaning communal light fittings and emergency lighting

    Pruning hedges, shrubs, bushes and trees

    Hygienically cleaning lift interiors

    Grounds Maintenance

    Mowing lawns

    Cleaning reception and concierge areas

    Cleaning all glass and mirrored surfaces

    Litter removal and communal bins emptying

    Vacuum cleaning carpets

    Cleaning stairwells

    Weeding and plant bed maintenance

    Cleaning and vacuuming upholstery

    Cleaning communal bathroom facilities

    Jet washing patios, decking and footpaths

    Cleaning building corridors


    Housing Management Team, Hampshire County Council

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