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Are you looking to hire professional commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth? Whether you require retail outlet cleaning, office cleaning, or something else entirely, City Cleaning has you covered. We offer bespoke cleaning packages and one-off services that are affordably priced. For professional results, call our Bournemouth commercial cleaning specialists today on 023 8070 6060. 

Professional Commercial Cleaning in Bournemouth  

When it comes to hiring professional commercial cleaning services, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a superior option to City Cleaning. We’re delighted to offer a wide array of commercial cleaning services, so no matter your circumstances, we’ll tailor our approach accordingly. We adopt a personalised approach, ensuring top-tier cleaning that keeps your commercial premises pristine and hygienic throughout. 

We’re based in Hampshire and operated throughout the entire area as well as Dorset. So, if you’re based in Bournemouth and are looking to hire top-notch cleaning services, we’ve got you covered here at City Cleaning. We’ll ensure that your needs are fulfilled without you needing to spend an absolute fortune. 

Complete Commercial Cleaning Solutions in Bournemouth  

Here at City Cleaning, we provide a complete range of commercial cleaning services that customers throughout Bournemouth will find most useful. Our team are all DBS-checked and are fully trained to use all our products and equipment. Whether we’re carrying out a routine spruce up of the place or deep cleaning somewhere not touched for weeks or months, we’ll endeavour to meet the highest standards. 

We’ve taken on many challenging commercial cleaning jobs in Bournemouth in the years we’ve been operating. We’ve never failed to exceed our customers’ expectations, so you can rest assured that no task is too big for us to handle. To learn more about what commercial services we offer, keep reading or get in touch with City Cleaning today. 

What Commercial Cleaning Services Do We Offer?  

As mentioned above, we offer a variety of commercial cleaning services that customers in Bournemouth will find most useful. But not all our services will necessarily apply to you, so what do you get when you approach City Cleaning? You get a bespoke service in which we’ll discuss your requirements, establish your need, and recommend the best services for you. We’ll devise a tailored plan that takes your budget and needs into account. 

Don’t worry about making the hard decisions as we’ll advise you thoroughly and make helpful suggestions of services we feel could really benefit your Bournemouth commercial property. You can trust our capable commercial cleaning specialists as they bring years of experience to the table. 

Once we’ve ascertained your requirements, we’ll devise a suitable schedule that fits in with your employees and customers. We aim to minimise any disruption caused and can carry out cleaning outside of your normal operating hours. We can carry out the requested cleaning services daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Whatever works for you. 

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Office Cleaning  

Offices can be a haven for germs, dirt, dust, and pests as you have a group of people working in close proximity day after day. To ensure that staff productivity and morale remain high and that staff absences remain low, you want to keep on top of regular office cleaning. That’s where we come in as we can devise a schedule that ensures your staff always have a clean working environment waiting for them each day. 

Retail Outlet Cleaning  

Retail outlets will also hugely benefit from regular commercial cleaning services as they see even more footfall daily than an office would. Dirty floors, fixtures, windows, etc., can be off-putting to customers and potentially brand-damaging. Plus, a dirty environment often results in unpleasant odours. Our retail outlet cleaning service is invaluable as it covers a wide range of requirements, including mopping and polishing of hard floors, vacuuming, cleaning of display cases, staff room cleaning, window and mirror cleaning, and more. 

School and College Cleaning  

Ensuring the physical health of students and teaching staff is a top priority for schools and other educational institutions. Without regular cleaning, these places can quickly harbour a dangerous level of germs that can make students and teaching staff ill. Our DBS-checked team of commercial cleaning specialists will devise a cleaning schedule for your Bournemouth school or college.  

School and college cleaning entails a range of services, including: 

  • Vacuuming of All Floors 
  • Mopping of All Hard Floors 
  • IT Equipment Anti-Bacterial Cleaning
  • Replacing of Consumables/ Toilet Cleaning 
  • Dusting and Polishing 
  • Desk Anti-Bacterial Cleaning and Polishing and More! 

Leisure Centre Cleaning  

Leisure centres are among the hardest places to keep clean. They receive a high volume of footfall daily and feature specialist non-slip flooring that can be challenging to clean. Plus, because of the activities that take place here, there’s a mixture of bodily fluids, sweat, and fat deposits building up too. At City Cleaning, our Bournemouth commercial cleaning specialists are adept at cleaning such environments.  

We provide a host of leisure centre cleaning services, from cleaning and sanitising shower areas and toilets to cleaning of sports halls and hygienic cleaning of gym equipment and exercise areas. 

Property and Estate Cleaning  

Property and estate cleaning is a commercial service geared towards property owners. If you own a property or estate that you’re looking to let, make sure to reach out to our commercial cleaning specialists today. We work alongside various high-profile housing clients in the private sector. While other cleaning companies cannot cater to specialist tiled lobbies and plus furnished reception areas, we can. We’ll ensure that your complex is kept in pristine condition. 

Social Housing Complex Cleaning  

Social housing complexes refers to large blocks of flats in which multiple inhabitants reside. These buildings usually feature interior communal areas, gardens, lobbies, pathways, and more. At City Cleaning, we provide commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth that cover such areas. Our social housing complex cleaning provision covers everything, from hygienic lift cleaning and graffiti removal to grounds maintenance and landscaping, seasonal clearing of snow and/ or leaves, end-of-tenancy cleans, high-level cleaning, and more. 

Other Cleaning Services  

Besides the cleaning services mentioned above, the team at City Cleaning can also cater to customers in Bournemouth requiring other cleaning services, such as: 


Here at City Cleaning, we’re proud to say that our commercial cleaning services have been well received by customers throughout Bournemouth. We’re delighted to share the amazing feedback we’ve received with you to hopefully make your decision that little bit easier. If you’re looking to hire commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth, make sure to check out these testimonials by clicking the link. 

Why Should You Choose Our Bournemouth Commercial Cleaning Service?  

If you’re searching for a commercial cleaning company in Bournemouth with an unbeatable reputation, look no further than City Cleaning. Here at City Cleaning, we’ve been providing top-tier cleaning services to customers throughout Hampshire and Dorset since our founding in 1989. With many years of experience to draw on, you can be confident you’ve chosen to put your request in safe and capable hands. 

Not only do we provide an excellent range of services, fulfilling any and all requirements, but we offer affordable services that won’t cost you a fortune. We’re flexible, able to adapt our approach to any situation. We accept that nobody wants to pay for services they don’t need, and with our tailored approach, you never will. Our cleaners are all DBS-checked, fully trained and certified, so you know you’re dealing with the best when you choose City Cleaning. 

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It should be obvious now who to contact for commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth. At City Cleaning, we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the capabilities of our impressive commercial cleaning specialists. If you’d like to get in touch, phone City Cleaning today on 023 8070 6060 or fill out our online contact form. 

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